Vigrx Plus Ingredients

We’ve added three new ingredients that are going to make this product even more effective than it already is. We’ve actually been able to improve upon the results, which honestly is something that we never thought would happen with how good this product already works.

In order to get the results that we wanted, we actually added Triblus and Daminana along with Bioperine to the VigRX Plus. These are ingredients that you aren’t going to find in any other product on the market today that does what VigRX Plus does. We’ve been able to help make this product even better by adding these ingredients.

Why Does VigRX Plus Work So Well?
There is something about VigRX Plus that does the job over all those competing products on the market today. You will find that what we have done is that we have found the correct formula in terms of the amount of the ingredients and much more. We are working with the best ingredients out there and we are constantly trying to find the best options out there that are available and are going to help create a product that is bar none the best on the market today.
What we’ve done is we’ve found an exact blend of herbs that work to create an effective combination that is guaranteed to help you with your sexual activity. We’ll help you keep an erection that lasts and increase your sexual pleasure. As we were able to perfect the combination we were also able to back that up with all the clinical studies that we have done.

Bioperine – Clincally Proven to Help Increase the Absorption of the Herbal Supplements
The clinical studies that have been done on Bioperine show that this actually helps to increase the absorption rates of the nutrients that are in the pills that it is in. There have been many studies that have been done with Bioperene that show how much of an increase that this can have. Sometimes, the increase is upwards of 30% and it can really help with the effectiveness of the product.

Damiana is actually a natural herb that has been used throughout South American and Central America for centuries. This is a natural aphrodisiac and has a way of helping people get that sexual stimulation that they are looking for. There actually haven’t been any clinical testing that have been done on humans, however, there have been a lot of testing done on mice that have shown a decent increase in sexual activity.

Puncture Vine
Tribulus Terrestris has actually been used in Europe for many years as a way to not only treat sexual dysfunction but also to help in increasing the libido. The great thing with this herbal remedy is that there are no side effects throughout the period of time it has been used. There have been clinical studies done in the 80’s that actually showed how effective that this was at helping with erectile dysfunction issues. You will actually find that this is able to increase the hormone levels and help with the testosterone levels also. Throughout Europe this herbal option is accepted throughout the medical community.

Epimedium Leaf Extract
This herbal option is better known as “horny goat weed”. This is something that has been used for many years and helps to increase the libido. There has been a lot of medical research that has been done to show that the active ingredient in that does actually help get more blood to the penis which helps with erections. It also helps get increased nitric oxide levels so that all of your body parts can do their job. What was found is that doctors report that it can really help boost that libido, helps to inprove erectile issues, and helps increase sexual power.

Vigrx Plus Ingredients

Ginkgo Leaf
Ginkgo is a remedy for mental alterness. However, it can also help with enhanced vitality, circulation issues, and good blood vessel flow. With Ginkgo, you actually get soemthign that helps incrase the vascular blood flow, which means that it helps you achieve and maintain that erection you want. Ginkgo has been used for thousands of years and has really been studied heavily in the last 30 years. In recent studies and research that has been done, it has been shown that Ginkgo can actually help nearly 80% of men have improvement with the impotence issues that they are having, and best of all there are no side effects.

Asian Red Ginseng
Traditionally, ginseng was used to give people extra energy. However, it actually has a lot of aphrodisiac powers also that people are starting to look into. There have been a lot of studies done, one in particular that was done in Seoul, Korea actually studied the effectiveness of this on treating male erectile issues. What works in Ginseng is the ginsenoside, which helps to get blood flow to the penis and can help increase that and also sperm.

Saw Palmetto Berry
Saw palmetto is a berry that has been proven to be a sexual stimulant. The medical journal of JAMA has actually published research that shows how effective this berry really is. This berry can actually help with benign prostatic hypertrophy or BPH, which is a factor that effects men and can cause them to be unable to have the erection that they want. There are many great benefits out of taking the Saw Palmetto berry.

Muira Pauma Bark Extract
Muira Pauma is a extract that is actually used to help with sexual virility and to help increase the desire that men have to have sex. A doctor in Paris actually did a study of 262 men that had stated they had very little sexual desire and were unable to maintain an erection. Over 50% of the men that took this extract saw help with that problem. Today, there are more recent clinical studies that show the potency of Muira Pauma, how it works is really unknown

Catuba Bark Extract
The great thing about the Catuba bark extract is that the first use of it has been heavily documented. This is a Brazilian plant that they used to take and eat and when they did so they had vivid dreams that actually increase their libidos. Once it was looked at in a medical sense, it was found to have antibacterial and antiviral properties also, plus it can help dilate the blood vessels. With this dilation, that is how it is able to help with impotence.

Hawthorn Berry
This is a phytochemical that has a lot of preventive abilities. What you will find is that the berry comes from a tree that has a lot of biflavonoids. What these do is that they actually help to relax and widen the arteries, which helps with blood flow. Of course, when this happens, a better erection is what follows.

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